Example of Student Portfolio Submission of Coursework

The example below is provided to show how coursework (including major deliverables) can be presented in a logical 'tabular' format in order to help present the written materials taken during the student's academic experience within the MPP program. This example is not intended to provide an exact requirement in displaying your academic work during your academic career in the program, but rather to show how the information may be displayed in a logical and sequential format.

Document title/Link
POL 500: Public Institutions and Policy Process
Transportation Equity in New Bedford, MA
I took this class at the same time during which the Urban Initiative was surveying New Bedford bus riders for a project on public transit needs, and the Urban Initiative project exposed me to some of the major issues around public transit equity that I this effort wouldn't explore. I thus decided to investigate some of those problems through my final paper in this course.
POL 510: Public Management
Transparency, accessibility, and government 2.0 in urban public schools
This project involved the development of a research-based assessment tool to evaluate the websites of urban public school districts from a management perspective. This effort was linked to a statistics project (POL 580) that involved a quantitative analysis of government 2.0 measures.
POL 512: Performance Measurement
Performance measurement plan
For this class, I developed a performance measurement plan for a local nonprofit that recently underwent a major leadership change.
POL 531: Program Evaluation
Program Evaluation: GreenFleet, Inc
For my semester-long project in this class, I designed a comprehensive evaluation plan for a New Bedford-based startup nonprofit who is using wooden boatbuilding to teach STEM-related skills. Obviously, evaluation is key to this organization's ability to make its case (if there is one to be made).
POL 541: State & Local Public Finance
Journal: public finance in Oklahoma City
My journal project focused on public finance in Oklahoma City, which uses a voter-approved, short-term, one-cent sales tax to fully fund major capital projects. This strategy has been so successful that the city has recently approved a third phase of this sales tax.
POL 561: Education Finance
Teacher distribution and vertical intra-district equity in Fall River and New Bedford
This paper tested whether, like other urban districts, Fall River and New Bedford allocate teachers inequitably where teacher age/experience is concerned. Using statistical analysis, I found strong positive correlations in both cities between the proportion of teachers under 32 and the proportion of low income students at individual schools.
POL 580: Statistics
Analytical memo: website quality and efficacy among urban public school districts in MA
This project used statistical analysis to evaluate user-friendliness and transparency of the websites of urban school districts in Massachusetts. The statistical analysis was used to develop a paper I wrote concurrently for POL 510.
POL 581: Research Methods
Research proposal: investigating the scope and causes of brain drain in the South Coast
During the Spring 2012 semester, a group of undergraduates in an urban economics course used components of this report to design and implement a survey to determine how UMass Dartmouth students decide where to move after graduation and whether that decision is influenced by the student experience
POL 585: Applied Policy Research
The case for a wraparound services model in New Bedford
The community schools model has been attracting increasing attention for its ability to address urban students' barriers to educational achievement. This group project applied the concept to New Bedford, and our work is now being used by a group of city teachers working to establish an Innovation School with wraparound services in New Bedford.
POL 599: Internship
Intern Completion Form
This document reflects upon my internship experience (serving as a Rappaport Fellow for the City of New Bedford's Office of Housing and Community Development) and applies lessons learned to my coursework in the MPP program.