Portfolio Presentation:

In this section, the student would provide a presentation of the portfolio. The presentation can take the form of a Powerpoint, video, etc. that allows the student to summarize the major topics covered in their MPP experience and the overall impact the experience has had on the student in moving forward in their understanding and career-orientated goals surrounding public policy.

This should be a visually-based presentation. The student is free to use the variety of tools available on this site (consider using the 'Widget' tool above in the toolbar setting as it provides a variety of tools one can use to visually display your presentation (Youtube link for a video you prepare, etc.). There are a number of free 'screen capture video' software products you can use to prepare a presentation in powerpoint (for example) and then voice over your presentation. An example using Sceencast-O-Matic, a freely available screen capture software. There is also Techsmith Relay software that is available freely to UMD students

Here is one example of an MPP portfolio presentation from Anna Marini (MPP 2017):

And here is another example presentation from Kristina Boucher (MPP 2016):

You should feel free and encouraged to develop any variety of presentation you deem appropriate to best showcase what you have learned during your time in the MPP program. Remember you are putting your best foot forward here to show your culminating experience in the program and you should take the task seriously with sufficient preparation to indicate to the committee you are ready to graduate from the program.