Written Portfolio Submission Process:

On this page, a student can create the link for the written portfolio report, or enter their information directly on this page (courses taken and other materials). Any preface language can be used by the student to introduce or summarize their materials. In the example below, the student uses some introductory and overview remarks,

Written Report Submission:

Attached below please find my written portfolio submission:


The submission provided here focuses on three main areas:

  1. Courses taken in the MPP Program
  2. Assessment of courses taken to work performed (internship experience as one example - can be combined into presentation as shown in link example)
  3. Impact of overall MPP experience (evaluative statement of program - can be part of presentation or separate written statement in combination with presentation)

The first part overviews the courses I have taken in the MPP program. My concentration area was in (public management for example) and I found a few courses to be particularly useful. I identify the usefulness of these courses in the second part of the portfolio submission. In this second part you will note I assess the coursework based on my framework of (public management), identifying how the several courses aided in my understanding of this area. In the final section, I discuss the overall impact of the MPP experience on my future career goals. I note how XXX helped in providing me a framework for understanding public policy from a theoretical standpoint, while YYY aided in practical application of the theory of public policy to real-world issues. This final section also contains some constructive criticism of the program, including the following points on how I believe the program can be improved: XXXX.