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Example Information on Completing Online Portfolio Submission:

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Courses taken

Portfolio Presentation

Overview Video (Basics of Setting Up Portfolio):


This wiki site is dedicated to MPP students who will be preparing, submitting, and presenting their portfolio presentations at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth for the Department of Public Policy. Students are placed into a specific project based on the academic year in which they are developing, submitting, and presenting their portfolio (done during the internship class component). The 'project' site for each student is private, meaning only the student and faculty members in the Department of Public Policy will have access to the pages created by that student for their portfolio presentation. This site will be used by all students in the MPP program for the submission of their portfolio presentation.

Submission Process:

Each student 'invited' to a wiki project (defined by their name) during the internship class in which to develop and submit their portfolio presentations for review by the faculty review committee. The student can create pages on this project to complete their portfolio submission. Simply click on the "Projects" icon on the left-hand menu of the wiki stie and you will see your name. Click on your name and you will be taken to the introduction page of your wiki project site. You will then be able to 'edit' the page of the site as well as create new pages for the submission of your portfolio. There are a number of tools you can use to help you prepare your submission. Below you will find the detailed elements required of your portfolio submission.

Submission Details:

Your portfolio should should include two critical elements (it can contain more):
  • The **courses taken**, which is a repository of the courses you have taken during the program with some explanation (click on "courses taken" link for an example).
  • The **portfolio presentation**, which is a video you have recorded providing an overview of your experience in the MPP program (click on "portfolio presentation" link for examples).

For the presentation, UMD now offers Techsmith Relay to students and faculty (with MyUMassD credentials - username and password). This software product allows for easy-to-use screen capture video recording. Details on the product, including an easy how-to-use video, is available here:


An alternative video recording service (not supported by UMD) that students have found easy to use is Screencast-O-Matic, available here:


Help with the Wiki Site (Creating Materials: Pages, Uploading, Links, Etc.)

Please use the following link for information on how to prepare your portfolio information on this wiki site: http://www.umassd.wikispaces.net/Students